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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Curriculum Design and Assessment

How is the Featherstone Curriculum Organised?

Featherstone Primary School delivers a fun, relevant, stimulating and challenging curriculum for each and every child that attends our school. Our curriculum is organised into four main areas of learning to ensure that we provide children with all of the statutory requirements as set out by The National Curriculum (2014) as well as tailoring our curriculum to ensure that it is personalised and very well-suited to the needs of the children in our school. 


Why is Featherstone's Curriculum designed in this way?

Our aim is to ensure that every pupil who enters our school leaves at the end of Key Stage Two (KS2) at the Age-Related Expectation (ARE) for all subjects within The National Curriculum. Furthermore, we want to ensure that our children develop into aspirational, successful young people with a deep understanding of our eleven Core Values to be safe in the knowledge that they are confident, well-rounded people who are ready for secondary education and later life. 

Featherstone Primary School Curriculum Overview and Practice Manual 


Curriculum Design


Birmingham Curriculum Statement