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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Ensuring Maximum Progress for All

All children, especially those children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), are fully catered for at Featherstone Primary School in - line with the National Curriculum (2014) and the SEND Code of Practice (2014).

Children receive a full, broad and balanced curriculum; the curriculum is stimulating, challenging, relevant and purposeful with knowledge and skills embedded throughout. We acknowledge that it is the quality first teaching given by the teacher all - day, every day - that enables the children, including those with SEND, to make maximum progress. Therefore, teachers put the appropriate measures in place for this to happen to ensure that no child is left behind.

Where we identify that, due to one or more factors, a child is falling behind, measures are put in place rapidly to ensure that the child catches up. These measures are individual and personal to the needs of that child at that time and may be as small as altering an element of our classroom practice. Assessment and monitoring is conducted in-class to see the impact of the measurement.

We ensure maximum progress for all by using this 'flowchart of good teaching practice' in our daily pedagogy.

Below is a video that explains exactly how our flowchart of good teaching practice is used in the classroom.

For specific information about how this flowchart of good teaching practice is used to support those children with SEND, please visit our SEND pages.