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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Place2Talk - Self-referral service

Place2Talk is a universal service for primary school children. The sessions are delivered by the School Project Manager (SPM) and are usually held over lunchtimes and break times. Slots are bookable in advance using Place2Talk slips. Typically there are four slots offered within an hour. Students can attend on their own for a 15 minute session or with two friends. Parents can opt out for their children if they wish to do so.

  • Lunchtime service for all children
  • Children self-refer by posting a slip in the P2B post box.
  • 15 minute sessions with School Project Manager (SPM) for individuals or groups of children

Place2be.  One-to-one counselling.

These are mainly facilitated by Counsellors, but SPMs may also provide therapy to children.

SPM, parents/carers or school staff are able to identify children who may benefit from this service by completing a referral form. Once completed, an assessment session will be carried out by the SPM to identify their needs.

Individual Sessions

  • 1 to 1 sessions for individual children, by referral only, for an hour a week
  • Referrals can be made by staff, parents or the SPM.
  • Duration = Usually up to 22 sessions, once weekly. Children are collected and returned to class by Counsellors.


  • Written consent is required by parents and child prior to starting one-to-one counselling.


  • Assessment/information is collected at the start and end of the therapy by using the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ’s). This is completed by teachers, parents and the children.


  • Confidentiality - general themes relating to the child`s progress can be discussed with the SPM.
  • However, specific details of the child`s work within the room is confidential unless the counsellor has concerns about the child’s safety or the safety of anyone else around them. In this case, they will discuss this with the Place2Be School Project Manager who will then liaise with the appropriate school staff member.

Group Work

We provide short-term group work on particular issues such as transition, bereavement, friendship or self-esteem, anger management which has a positive impact on children’s behaviour, attendance and general wellbeing.

Place2think - for teaching staff

  • Support for teachers and school staff to discuss any issues relating to children or referrals.
  • Timetabled sessions or drop-in times as required.
  • Consultations with teachers on mental health, emotional well-being and counselling.

Place for Parents

  • Support for parents/carers. Referrals made through the School Project Manager are passed to a Parent Counsellor.
  • 8 weekly sessions initially, but can be extended to up to a year.
  • Sessions care usually held at this school.