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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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School uniform plays an important part in the school's high standard of dress uniformity. All children attending Featherstone Primary School will be required to wear the correct colours: Our colours are red and grey. Our uniform comprises:



Red polo top

White shirt for Year 6 

Official red school jumper with badge

Grey trousers

School tie (to be worn with shirt)

Plain grey or black socks

Black Shoes.  Leather or leather-like.  (No trainers of any kind)


Red polo top

White blouse for Year 6

Official red school jumper with badge

Grey trousers or skirt.

School tie (to be worn with shirt)

Summer: Red Gingham Dress

Plain  white  socks or Plain red or grey tights

Black shoes. Leather or leather-like. (Not high-heeled or boots)

School reading Bag: All Key Stage 1 children need to have a school reading book bag. 

Physical Education Kit (P.E)

Physical Education Kit (P.E. Kit)


Plain White T-Shirt or a Plain white polo-top


Navy blue/black shorts

(Girls may wear blue or black leggings instead of shorts if required for religious reasons)


Black joggers


Black pumps (KS1) / Trainers (KS2)




Trainers and many designs of fashion? shoes are not suitable for day to day wear in school. We only allow children to change into trainers at break times and for no other reason. Parents will have reminder letters sent home if pupils continue not to follow school dress code. Children must also enter and leave school wearing school shoes only Fashion clothing resembling the school colours is not allowed as these are clearly not part of the uniform. 

All of the uniform products can be purchased from the following outlets

  • Trutex School Wear (new outlet) Erdington High Street from the 1st Oct 2018
  • Clive Mark (Boldmere)


In the interest of safety and to avoid loss, children are not allowed to wear jewellery to school. The only exceptions might be for medi-alert items and some religious artefacts.

Children may only wear studs in ears. Parents should inform school in writing if their child?s ears have been recently pierced.

Children may wear watches in school but they should be inexpensive and not 'gimmicky'.

School is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Members of staff will not remove studs from a child’s ear. Studs must be removed before P.E days.


Children's hairstyles should be appropriate for school. Children with hair longer than shoulder length must have their hair tied back with a suitable hair accessory. This is for the health and safety of children during class lessons and during PE.


We respect all faith groups and allow the following.

Christianity: For the majority of Christians there are no particular dress requirements. In some Christian sects such as the Plymouth Brethren girls are expected to wear headscarves and modest clothing.

Islam: Girls wearing headscarves; these should be white in colour to match the uniform.

Sikhism: All initiated Sikhs wear the five ‘K’ symbols as a sign of their initiation into the Sikh community. Male Sikhs wear a turban, the removal of this is unacceptable.  Children needed to wear any religious jewellery  (i.e. Sikh Kara) is acceptable.


Where families who are experiencing financial difficulty, please speak directly to the Head or Deputy to seek some charitable assistance advice i.e. clothing donations or discounted coupons from Clive Marks.